for Governor

  • Taxation:How do we intend to cut taxes by 10% per year?  We must cut spending by 10% as well.  The first year is easy when we eliminate the Met Council.  The State of MN is the second largest employer in the state and the Met Council is not even included in this number they are listed as the 35th largest.  At that size it is no wonder they are incapable of serving our state, counties or cities.  
    After the Met Council is eliminated the real work begins.  We need to eliminate redundant and outdated work methods. It should not take 3 months, 5 visits to a DMV, 2 emails, 2 temporary permits and a phone call to get tabs for a vehicle.  My experience in reducing this type of waste will allow us to implement changes that will show we can achieve better operational efficiencies reducing the work load on state employees which will allow more to be accomplished for less cost.  This will allow us to work within the current budgets and to start to share our vision with the people of Minnesota that their government does not need to be stogy and slow.

  • Marijuana:We are the only party that is looking to legalize the use of Cannabis for adult recreational use that will not place limitations on creating this budding free market.  We know that the prohibition on cannabis has disproportionately hit communities of color hardest.  This affect us all because it placed a large number of our community with criminal records that make it difficult to obtain employment.  Because of this we will work to expunge the records of those with nonviolent convictions and reduce and dismiss active sentences.

  • More Coming Soon


  • Decrease: Spending and Taxes by 10% per year
  • Decriminalize:the recreational use of Marijuana
  • Dispose‚Äč:Met Council and other wasteful and non-reprensetative government entities.



  • Our government has grown faster than we as a people have, it is time to bring back sensible spending habits so that people are free to grow and enjoy life.
  • We wish to show that government is not a tool to divide or provide favorites to special interests, but allows each individual to thrive in an environment that does not oppress them in any way